Lesson 2: Treble Clef


The treble clef is on the upper stave of your music.




The bass clef is on the lower stave

The notes alternate being on the lines or in the spaces and just like the piano, they just move through the octave C-D-E-F-G-A-B and then start again C-D-E-F-G-A-B.

There are only 5 lines on the stave so when the lines run out they are drawn in on the note, like middle C above (The extra lines are called leger lines). (Pronounced LEDGE-er.)

If you are writing these yourself, remember that the leger line through middle C should be the same distance away from the line above it as the 5 lines of the stave are apart from each other.

If you want to have a go at writing out the scale above - You can print out some blank manuscript paper.


Middle C on the piano is usually the C closest to the middle of the piano. Middle C is a note most women can sing easily (For barbershop leads and baris, it is in the lower middle part of the range you sing). Play middle C on the keyboard above. It should be easy to sing.


In comparison, the "C above middle C" (so that's the C in "FACE" in the picture below) is a high note (one of the highest notes leads or baris would ever be asked to sing.)

Play and sing them both - they are very different, aren't they. (A whole octave different, in fact)


On the treble clef the notes in the spaces make the word FACE.

Does the curly hair remind you of anything?

The notes on the lines read
Elephants Get Big Dirty Feet

Can you see what the elephant is carrying?

If the note is not on the stave and has lots of leger lines on it, just count backwards in the alphabet from a note you know (maybe middle C) - space, line, space, until you reach it.

What note is this?

Hope you worked out that was "G below middle C" - that is probably the lowest note leads or baris would be asked to sing. Play it on the piano above and sing the note.

Here is another game. Practise until you can quickly name all the notes (You may need to come back a few times over a few days!).

And now putting everything together from last week, this game tests your notes on the stave and on the piano. (Go back to Lesson 1 to practise the notes first if you need to)

Treble Clef Story

Here is a story. See if you can work out what the story says. (Fill in the box below each image with the letters of the notes you see.)

Three friends named



sang together every Wednesday evening. One week as they paid their

and put on their





her and said

I must be at least

older than you. You are just a

. Then

came over and asked if they wanted to catch


after the rehearsal and grab


The three friends agreed that it was a great idea.


And another fun video