Lesson 11: Terms and Signs

Musical terms are mostly written in Italian (and are often abbreviated)

The ones you will use most concern dynamics.
pianissimo /PEE‑ah‑NEE‑see‑mo/ pp very soft
piano /pee - AH - no/ p soft
mezzo piano /MED‑zo/‑/pee‑AH‑no/ mp moderately soft
mezzo forte /MED - zo/ -/FOR - tay/ mf moderately loud
forte /FOR - tay/ f loud
fortissimo /for - TEE - see - mo/ ff very loud
Some signs you will see (and will often want to add to you own music)
/cray - SHEN -doe/ cresc gradually becoming louder
/DEE ‑ cray ‑ SHEN ‑ doe/ decresc gradually becoming softer
pause /fair - MAH - tah/ fermata pause
da capo /da/ - /CAP-o/ D.C.

"From Head"

Go back to the beginning (In Italian, "da" means From and "capo" means Head)

da capo al fine /da/  /CAP ‑ o/ /al/  /FIN ‑ ay/  

"From Head to 'Fine'"

Begin again but only sing until you see the word 'Fine' (In Italian, "al" means To and "fine" means finish)

/SAIN - yo/   the sign
dal segno /dal/ /SAIN-yo/ D.S.

"From Sign"

Go back and sing from where you see the sign

dal segno al fine /dal/ /SAIN-yo/ /al/ /FIN-ay/  

"From Sign to 'Fine'"

Go back to the sign and sing until you see the word Fine

/CO - da/   The coda (Italian for tail or closing section of music)
DS al coda    

"From Sign to Coda"

Go back and sing from where you see the sign until you see the coda, then jump to the last coda

Some flashcards to test your new language:

And just for fun, when you come back from Italy, a welcome home...